Welcome to Gudauri!

The most biggest  ski/snowboard and paragliding resort.

Many tours for your rest:

Extreme Tours (Paragliding, Ski tours, Quad bikes tours, Hiking & climbing tours, Snowmobiles & other) Car & bus tours by Georgia Acomodation (rent and sell) Gudauri live


Georgia is full of adventure, but we have selected only official and safe suppliers with valid licenses for you! Any service is licensed, safe and responsible regarding the customer! Federation

Welcome to Gudauri.store

Hi. My name is Jimy, I’m your gid, welcome to ski and paragliding resort in Gudauri. Our store try to help. We try make your rest perfect. Gudauri have many rest zones, beautiful place’s, they wait for costumers. But any place  have special details,  we try explain for you all one by one.


Let’s start with the simple.

You arrived or flew Georgia, decided to visit Gudauri. You are at the airport. There are several routes. Can get there by local transport or order a taxi. As in any country, beware of deception. Better book in advance, we will find an adequate driver. On average, a taxi from Tbilisi Airport in Gudauri costs 150 – 200 GEL. But often the taxi driver slows down halfway and demands more money, usually double price. Be careful. Use our taxi.


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Advice by your way to Gudauri!

If you have time in Tbilisi, be sure to buy warm clothes (if you didn’t take it), a Magti sim card with a tuned internet connection. It’s very convenient and will help in the future. Extreme Tours (Paragliding, Ski tours, Quad bikes tours, Hiking & climbing tours, Snowmobiles & other)Georgia is full of adventure, but we have selected only official, safe suppliers with valid licenses for you! Any service is licensed, safe, responsible regarding the customer!


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