Best in Gudauri, Tbilisi, Georgia. Tours for your rest:

– Tours “All Inclusive” for 3 and 7 days. – Transfer to Gudauri from any point of Georgia. – Accommodation (rental housing): + hostel with low prices and the best location in 50 meters from the cable car, + apartments with individual kitchen, bathroom, toilet, parking and locker for skis. + there are shops, discos, bars, restaurants, swimming pool, ice rink, fitness rooms, saunas, hammam, Jacuzzi, massages, etc in a radius of 100 meters from the apartment (hostel) for extra money. – Extreme tours: paragliders, freeride. – Car and bus tours around Gudauri. – Hiking in the mountains (trekking). – Gudauri on the air: + online camera of Carpe Diem hotel, Georgia is full of adventure, but we chose only official and reliable suppliers with valid licenses for you! Any service is licensed, safe and responsible for the client! Federation of Georgia. Hello from sunny Georgia.

Hello! My name is Dmitry and I’m your guide.

Welcome to ski and paraglider resort in Gudauri. We are trying to make your holiday perfect. And Our store is ready to help you. In Gudauri there are many recreation areas, beautiful places. But any place has special details, We will try to explain everything to you. Let’s start with an easy one. You flew to Georgia, you have decided to visit Gudauri. You’re at the airport. There are several routes. You can get to us by public transport or order a taxi. As in any country, be careful when choosing. It is better to book in advance, we will find adequate drivers. Usually taxi from Tbilisi airport to Gudauri costs 150 – 200 lari. But sometimes you can meet very unscrupulous drivers on the streets. They stop halfway and demand more money or it turns out that the price was not in lari, but let’s say in dollars. Be careful, better book a taxi online and we will provide you a good driver! The same goes for other services, including paragliders. To avoid intermediaries, book everything with us in the “Gudauri Store”. Saving money and nerves will not go unnoticed. Precisely this differs a good holiday.

Recommendations on the way to us:

– If you have time in Tbilisi, don’t forget to buy warm clothes, it’s cold in the mountains; – a MAGTI SIM card with a tuned internet connection won’t hurt. This is very convenient and will help you in the future. Afterword: Extreme tours in Gudauri.store: paragliding, ski tours, quad bikes, mountain tourism and climbing, snowmobiles and much more. Georgia is full of adventure, but we select only official, safe suppliers with valid licenses for you! Any service is licensed, safe. There is a responsibility for the health of the client! Become Our regular client! There are special offers when you order more than one activity. Special conditions for groups.


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